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In the modernization of coaches and railcars, SC ANDI PRESS SRL Halaucesti has a long history. During 1998 - 2013 the company collaborated (as a supplier of interior elements, walls, ceilings, toilets, chairs, swivel access doors, intercommunication folding doors, bushings, bolts for the brake linkage, etc.) in the upgrading projects of over 600 coaches and 20 engine units (of SNTFC "CFR" SA) manufactured by SC REMAR S.A. Paşcani, SC Atelierele CFR Griviţa Bucuresti, SIRV Brasov and REMARUL 16 Februarie from Cluj Napoca Romania.


SC ANDI PRESS SRL Halaucesti executed with its own staff (based on a contract concluded with REMAR SA Paşcani) the upgrading of a total of 40 double-deck coaches, series 5053 3616 and 5053 2616.


SC Andi Press SRL Halaucesti has experience in the manufacture of GRP chairs.

So far we provided:

  • chairs to upgrade 100 passenger cars;
  • over 40,000 chairs for the stations of the entire rail network belonging to the Romanian Railways.